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CLEVERNET has recently upgraded the network here at Caseys Caravan.  We have installed a central telecoms tower connected to fibre broadband and are ready to hook up a superfast WiFi connection directly to your holiday home.​

How does it work?

We install a dedicated point to point link back to our network from outside your caravan.  We then run a small cable to your own private, secure internal access point & router inside your caravan.

With this you get;

- A dedicated connection to your caravan.

- 3 ports to plug in PCs & games consoles.

- Your own internal WiFi network with your own secure, private password.

How do I get one installed?

Simply complete purchase the dedicated caravan solution and complete a quick form.

We will come to your caravan and complete a quick survey, if your holiday home is suitable for a dedicated connection, we will install it straight away and ensure all of your devices are working before we leave.

Typically installation will take 30 days from order.

For installation, please make sure to leave a spare key in the main office so you do not miss your installation.


The installation cost is €300+vat and this includes one years access. 

You can renew every year for €100+vat

Can I get a shorter period?

Public WiFi at a cost of €3 per day is available in the touring section of Caseys Caravan Park, this is not designed to give access to the static holiday homes.

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