Buildings are responsible for 40% of all carbon emissions in the world.
30% of this carbon is generated during the construction process and is often referred to as "embodied carbon".

 Operational emissions (from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) accounts for the remaining 70% of carbon generated by buildings. 

We use the latest in AI & IoT technology to help reduce operational emissions (carbon).


BrainBox AI converts existing re-active HVAC equipment into autonomous HVAC systems.


Track your energy consumption in real time and analyse data with interactive reporting


 Smart connected device that monitors the quality of your air and alerts you when air quality levels become unsafe. 


We will help you to not only reduce your Carbon emissions, but also process apply for Carbon Credits on your behalf.

Canary Wharf London



CLEVERNET Engineers will spend a day on-site reviewing your existing energy consumption & systems. 


Based on our audit, we will make recommendations  which will include cost saving projections and carbon reduction predictions. 


Once you are happy to come on board, we will walk you through the next steps. 


All of the solutions provided by CLEVERNET, are fully managed with 24/7 care & a dedicated account manager. 

Our energy audits will give you an overview of your current carbon consumption and a roadmap to carbon neutrality.


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