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Rates are not posh rats...

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

This is a quick blog to draw a red thread between rates, rats, Indiana Jones and Clevernet, sit back and read how I glue these together:

Financial pressures continue to grow on businesses, the latest being an expected rates increase for the year 2023/24.

Earlier in February 2023, Belfast City Council announced...

a 7.99% rates increase for households, yes, 7.99%!!

Almost 75,000 Businesses are expected to hear about a similar rates hike, at a time when their budgets are already set for 2023. This could be 6 figures, or more, depending on the size and location of building.

Add to this, energy bills have tripled since the start of 2022.

Companies are still reeling from the ill fated "budget" of September 2022 and the catalysmic waves this sent through global bond markets and subsequent interest rate increases.

Indiana Jones and the (Dial of Destiny) Search for Energy Savings

There is good news!

So if you don't have a ratatouille (clue-y) how you handle this hole in your budget, please talk to us.

Clevernet is already saving property owners and tenants in the UK and Ireland, money on their energy bills through smart building management.

If, we partner with Clevernet, we save money this year!

Else, we do not talk to Clevernet, we have a big hole in our budget :/

Clevernet, Property Managers and Facilities Managers

We will complete an energy audit to review your existing plant and Building Management System (BMS).

Following this, we will work with your team to build you a plan to deliver an Energy Cost Management (ECM) strategy.

We call this solution, Ecco.

Without compromising on any NDA's....

we have estimated 7 figure savings on energy costs for one building during this year.

You get all this for much less than you would think, let's talk -

Back to the title of this blog, "rates are not posh rats", they are a new cost for your business that you probably didn't factor in (Northern Ireland specific).


GIF's are from a free bank, no ChatGPT was used in this blog.

(Ed 4:0 ChatGPT)

I had planned to post my ChatGPT blog this week, but this issue was much more pressing.

Would ChatGPT talk about Indiana Jones 5? I think not...

Incidentally IJ5 is out later this year, go see it an support your local cinema (they also need ECM's ;) ).

Ed > ChatGPT

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