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As standard all CLEVERNET customers receive 24/7 Monitoring & Support.

24/7 monitoring centre

Based in Dublin & Limerick, our Monitoring Centre will manage your building 24/7

Our engineers are available via Phone, WhatsApp & Email

As we Monitor & Manage your building 24/7, we will let you know when we see issues before you hear from your customers

Our digital concierge service means we will speak directly to the end user who is having the issue.


View live building & network health with kernel, your IoT management dashboard.

30 Minute response time SLA, 24/7

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Do you have hardware or plant not provided by CLEVERNET?  No problem, we can Monitor & Manage that as well

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90% of the issues our Monitoring Centre see are down to end user devices and not the underlying building network or infrastructure?

Most IT companies will only support your hardware and not speak directly to the person having the issue.

We will speak directly to the person having the issue to resolve the problem at hand.

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