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Enhance your guest experience through improved WiFi technology with our new supplier CLEVERNET

Are you struggling to manage your existing WiFi network and meet the demands of a busy hotel?

Are you looking to improve your speed and connectivity to ensure your system can handle tech-reliant conferences, families streaming on multiple devices and everything in between?

CLEVERNET can help.

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CLEVERNET has worked with leading hoteliers and retailers across the UK and Ireland for over 17 years and has the expertise to deliver a bespoke solution that can meet all your guest’s needs. Fully compliant with HSIA brand standards, our systems can provide so much more, including a guest network to capture marketing data, secure staff networks and a VIP network for special guests.


Custom Guest Landing Page

Customise your Guest WiFi login page to your hotel branding.

Custom Redirect

Once Guests are online, direct them to a special offer or dedicated Guest directory.

Capture Marketing Data

Gather email addresses, busy times and other data.  All fully GDPR compliant.

Fully Branded Network Name

Own your WiFi experience with your own hotel name on your WiFi network.

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The required up-front capital expenditure is low, and our highly competitive monthly maintenance fee includes:

  • A free of charge connectivity audit to assess where we can achieve improvements.

  • All hardware required for a fully managed WiFi solution compliant with brand standards.

  • A fully managed installation.

  • Free hardware swap-outs throughout the term.

  • A low CAPEX upfront model with an agreed fixed monthly subscription cost.

  • Kernel management system to view network health, download guest email addresses and log faults.

  • Full coverage across the hotel.

  • Cloud-managed, self-healing WiFi network that proactively searches for the latest bug fixes and security updates.

  • 80meg or faster CLEVERfibre broadband connection.

We will also monitor your network 24/7, alerting you to issues before you are even aware of them, and we work on a fast fix operational basis. This support also extends directly to the end-user - your guests - whereas many competitor companies simply support the hardware.

Monthly fees are dependent upon the size of your hotel but start from as little as *£125 p/m with an initial installation fee of £500. 

*Entry level costs are based on a property with 0-20 bedrooms.

For more information, or to organise your free of charge network health check, please email or telephone the Customer Support team on 01904 695588


We would love to get to know you and your hotel better so we can provide a bespoke solution to your Guests.  Book a free WiFi healthcheck and our engineers will visit your hotel to carry out a full assessment.  Along with your proposal you will receive a detailed report on;

WiFi coverage

Do you have enough access points, are they in the right areas?, Do you have too many access points, drowning out your guests devices?

WiFi capacity

Coverage is great, but is your WiFi network set up to handle 10 guest devices online at the same time in every Guest bedroom?  How about a conference room full of delegates, each with 3 connected devices?


Is your broadband connection up to the task?  Faster is not always better, how fast does it connect to Netflix or Prime Video, is your providers support desk open at night?  Is it designed to withstand the traffic from a busy hotel?


Are you using the right equipment?  Is it configured correctly?  Is the software up to date?


What happens when things go wrong?  Do your staff know what to do?  Is there someone you can call to help?

Our Free Hotel WiFi Healthcheck will answer all of these questions and more

Book your WiFi healthcheck

Thank you, a member of our team will be in touch

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