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Technical Lead

Role:  Technical Lead 

Location: Dublin 

Term: Full Time, Permanent

About the role

CLEVERNET, Ireland’s leading building intelligence & integration specialist is delivering ground breaking technology that optimises commercial buildings across Ireland and the UK. 


Our dedicated teams have been working in the field of WiFi and Smart Connectivity for over 15 years and have built and operated a number of successful brands.  We are now on a mission to support our clients on the journey to Net Zero by making buildings smarter, with a focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions while improving internal air quality


CLEVERNET is a customer driven start-up with innovation at its core, we encourage team members to grow and have fun!  Our customers are typically large office buildings, hotels, shopping centres and retail chains.


The Role

We are looking for a generalist to act as a technical lead; the right person will provide architecture, technical guidance and direction to our growing team as we continue to disrupt.


Role : Technical Lead

Base : Ireland

Customer vs Internal facing : This role will involve mostly engaging with internal stakeholders however from time to time you will be expected to engage with clients in security & technical solutions.

Work from home : This can be a hybrid role or fully in-office.  There will be an expectation to spend some time in the office to demo solutions, work through solutions, and engage with stakeholders.

Term : Full time.


We currently use the following technologies among others:

- PHP/Laravel

- Lambda functions in Node.js

- DynamoDB


- EC2


We also manage a large network of onsite hardware in client sites, including routers, environmental sensors, network switches, WiFi Access Points and onsite embedded UNIX systems for data gathering.


The successful candidate will have sufficient knowledge of these to lead a team that uses them every day. In addition, you will be expected to provide leadership and direction on the following:


- Software deployment and testing pipelines

- Managing IOT data at scale, in particular using DynamoDB

- Architecting for AWS

- Architecting cloud-based apps with a focus on performance and cost control

- Security architecture

- Securing distributed servers


We think that hands-on experience counts for more than qualifications. For this role, we prefer a generalist with wider experience to someone overly specialised.


We are looking for someone who is interested in technology for its own sake, the sort of person who has been continuously learning about new technologies for at least 5 years.


Experience with integrating APIs is critical.


The successful candidate will have significant freedom to innovate, learn, grow with our team whilst having fun along the way.

In return you’ll get;

  • Space and room to grow in your career.

  • Opportunity to work from home/anywhere when not on site.

  • Flexible working arrangements.

  • A salary and growth opportunities based on your experience.

  • All the tools & training required to get the job done.

  • On-going professional training.

  • Full time role.

  • An opportunity to work hard and have fun.


For more information on Clevernet see


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Clevernet are an equal opportunities employer.

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