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Clevernet - building intelligence


Your first step towards building automation. 


ECCO combines hardware, software and energy efficiency consultancy to bring you total control of your building. Offering real-time insights into energy use, consumption and reduction whilst always maintaining guest comfort.

Sustainability and Staff Expectations.

Tenants are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impacts of their business operations. Well-designed sustainable buildings can deliver;

 Improved employee health

  - Increased well-being and productivity
Enhanced employee attraction and retention

Clevernet can not only help to improve the energy
efficiency in certain parts of the building but we can also gather critical building data at both whole-building and tenant levels to support benchmarking of efficiency and allow both the Landlord and Tenants to make informed decision-making.

ECCO Elements

Ecco Gateway.png

Building Comfort

ECCO will also ingests critical information from the buildings BMS plus external data such as weather information & carbon intensity of your fuel to run your building more efficiently.

Ecco Sensors.png

Dynamically Reacting

To enhance the accuracy of our service and to enable our algorithms to react in real time we install ECCO sensors to measure energy consumption, air quality, temperature & humidity in real-time.

Ecco Console - Light.png

Building Control

The installation of ECCO will fundamentally change the behaviour of your building from being manually controlled to a building that is dynamically reacting to the environment and occupancy whilst always respecting comfort.

Existing infrastructure & controllers including HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.

Clevernet ECCO security gateway and sensors.

Clevernet - system
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