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Making Buildings Beautiful Again

3 face Wooden advertising board on Skipper Street, Belfast
3 Wooden Faces

I was out and about this week in my home city of Belfast, arriving before the birds were up...

This allowed me to walk around and “look up” – to observe some of the beautiful buildings we have, as I made my merry way to my first meeting.

(Some friendly free advertising there for Little Wing, co-incidentally my favourite Pizza!)

Grand Designs – do you ever watch that, hear Kevin McCleod’s opening, explanatory monologue, turn to your better half and say:

“Why on earth would you ever take on that project?”

Some of those new build projects are high on the risk register RAG status.

In a previous job, I used to do venue scouting around Europe and the US. I was very fortunate to visit some unusual and incredible buildings, including and in no particular order:

Belfast is Buzzing

This was the marketing tagline for the city in the 1980’s, “Belfast is Buzzing”, aimed at getting locals in for late-night shopping on Thursdays.

Belfast is well and truly buzzing now.

Custom House - Belfast! A warm welcome to the Be Group, to Belfast! I used to walk past this on my commute to my former place of work, last year and saw the transformation. This is absolutely stunning now!!

From flax to hacks

This is how some of the locals in the cyber security space talk about the city; flax relating to our former prominence in global linen exports and “hacks” referring to the number of highly skilled information security experts employed.

Bedford Square, a former Linen Warehouse will be Deloitte’s new Belfast base.

Re-generation of old buildings from a former industrial era is heartening to see.

I also loved the wooden face sculpture, located on Skipper Street (see the photo at the top of this blog).

What is the red thread connecting all of these things?


Vision – seeing things others don’t (like the founders of Clevernet).

Making Buildings Efficient – The Green Building Revolution

Clevernet can support and work with clients who have invested in building regeneration projects and the construction of brand-new modern offices and hotels. We want to be part of that sustainability journey with you and the real value we can bring to your building is real-time data about what is happening in your asset through our Ecco platform.

We already partner with CBRE and Kennedy Wilson across the UK & Ireland to help realize energy savings in buildings.

Energy Costs and the Outlook for 2023

In January 2023, the UK government announced a new scheme to support firms with their energy bills, with businesses getting a discount on wholesale prices rather than costs being capped.

The current scheme which caps the unit cost of gas and electricity for all businesses expires at the end of March and the total level of government support is expected to fall sharply - by more than half.

We are hearing from clients with energy bills doubling or even trebling in 2023. Perhaps we can reduce your energy consumption, it's certainly worth a conversation.

Belfast is buzzing, so make a B-line to Clevernet!

If anyone wants a chat over a coffee at a hipster-apocalypse venue convenient to you, drop me a mail (

Let’s talk soon and make your building “green” and "beautiful".


N.B. All photos are Ed’s and again, no ChatGPT was used.

(Ed 2:0 ChatGPT)

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