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Master Systems Integrator (MSI) 

Comprehensive Integration for Smart Buildings

Clevernet offers a comprehensive Master Systems Integrator (MSI) service for smart buildings, providing seamless integration of various building systems and technologies. Our team of experienced professionals specialises in designing, implementing and managing cutting-edge solutions that optimise the performance, energy efficiency and occupant experience of modern buildings. As an industry-leading MSI provider, we ensure the successful coordination and integration of all building systems, including HVAC, lighting, security, access control, fire safety, energy management and more.


Expertise in Advanced Integration Technologies

​Clevernet's MSI service excels in seamlessly integrating various building systems into a unified, intelligent platform. We employ advanced technologies and protocols such as Internet of Things (IoT), Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS), and open communication standards to connect diverse systems and devices.

To learn more about how our MSI service can optimise your smart building technologies, contact our team.

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