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Smart Building & Energy Audits

Smart Building Technology Evolves

Technology in buildings is continuously evolving and innovating and the pace of that innovation has ramped up in recent years. Artificial Intelligence ("AI"), Internet of Things ('IoT"), digital twins, smart centers and energy efficient products are all terms associated with smart buildings, but they can have different meanings for different building types. A smart building uses the most recent technology to ensure a building is fit for purpose throughout its lifecycle. That technology will depend on the type of building it is and what it's being used for.


How we can help...

Clevenet's team of Smart Building Engineers can audit your commercial building and provide a comprehensive report on how smart & energy efficient your building is and provide practical advice on how to improve the building's Smart Score & energy efficiency.

In addition to making your building smarter, our recommendations are focused on reducing energy consumption and costs. We identify opportunities for efficiency gains in lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other systems. Our expert team ensures you leverage technology to create a more comfortable, productive environment for occupants while simultaneously reducing utility bills.

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