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Energy & Carbon Tracking

Monitor Building Energy Use & Emissions

Our ECCO dashboard gives you full visibility of your building’s energy performance, tracking energy consumption, carbon emissions, air quality and occupancy comfort levels. ECCO supports different access levels based on permissions to ensure that occupant data is protected but also enables building owners to have a complete view of their buildings' energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Key Features of ECCO

  • Energy Tracking - Monitor electricity, gas and water usage in real-time to identify waste and optimisation opportunities.

  • Carbon Emissions - Calculate your carbon footprint and track progress against reduction targets.

  • Air Quality Monitoring - Use indoor air quality sensors to ensure ventilation rates and air purity meet health standards.

  • Comfort Analytics - Collect data on temperature, humidity and other variables that impact occupant comfort and productivity.

  • Access Controls - Manage permissions to protect sensitive information.

  • Custom Reporting - Generate reports on energy use, carbon, air quality and comfort to inform operational improvements.

  • Data Integration - Ingest data from smart metres, building systems and other sources for complete visibility.

Contact our energy management experts to learn how ECCO can help you improve building performance, reduce environmental impact, and create a healthier, more comfortable space for occupants. We're happy to schedule a demo and discuss how ECCO can be customised for you.

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