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Smart Buildings
Data Analyst

Role: Smart Buildings Data Analyst

Location: Ireland or UK

Term: Full Time, Permanent

About the role

CLEVERNET, Ireland’s leading building intelligence & integration specialist is delivering ground breaking technology that optimises commercial buildings across Ireland and the UK. 


Our dedicated teams have been working in the field of WiFi and Smart Connectivity for over 15 years and have built and operated a number of successful brands.  We are now on a mission to support our clients on the journey to Net Zero by making buildings smarter, with a focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions while improving internal air quality


CLEVERNET is a customer driven start-up with innovation at its core, we encourage team members to grow and have fun!  Our customers are typically large office buildings, hotels, shopping centres and retail chains.

The Role

We are looking for someone with a passion for data, ideally from a smart buildings (IoT, BMS, Lighting, Controls) background who wants to help our customers cut carbon, cut costs and run a more effect building.


You will

Oversee and assess the performance of smart systems across 30 to 40 buildings, recommending improvements and enhancements based on comprehensive data analysis.


Conduct systematic evaluations of implemented strategies, performing follow-up analyses to gauge effectiveness and ensure optimal operation across all managed buildings.


Implement data-driven adjustments, monitor outcomes, and refine approaches as necessary for each building's unique requirements.


Role : Smart Buildings Data Analyst.  

Base : Ireland or UK

Customer vs Internal facing : This role will involve engaging often with customers to present the data along side a technical protect manager or account manager.

Work from home : This can be a hybrid role or fully in-office.  There will be an expectation to spend some time in the office to demo solutions, work through solutions, and engage with stakeholders.

Term : Full time.


Key Responsibilities


Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Extract, interpret, and analyse data from various smart systems and sensors within the building infrastructure using advanced tools, including Excel and Power BI.

  • Identify patterns and trends in data sets, working alongside the operations team to propose efficiency improvements.



  • Utilise advanced data analytics and scripting in Python to create automated processes that generate dynamic, interactive reports, reducing manual workload and improving report accuracy and availability.

  • Leverage Power BI in combination with Python scripts for enhanced data visualisation and reporting, making complex datasets accessible and understandable for various stakeholders.

  • Develop comprehensive reports and presentations, providing actionable insights and recommendations based on automated data analyses.

  • Regularly present findings and insights to management, engineering, and operational teams, facilitating data-driven decision-making processes.


Data Quality and Management

  • Ensure data accuracy by resolving any inconsistencies or issues.

  • Organise digital databases to ensure secure and easy data access.


Collaboration and Communication

  • Collaborate with departments like IT and facility management to align strategies with operational goals.

  • Communicate data insights effectively to both technical and non-technical staff.


Essential Qualifications & Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.

  • 3+ years of experience in data analysis or a related field.

  • Strong understanding of the smart building industry, building management systems, and IoT technologies.

  • Proficiency in data analysis tools, including Excel, Power BI, and the broader Microsoft Office suite.

  • Advanced skills in SQL and Python for database querying, data manipulation, and analytics.

  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to handle complex, multidimensional data sets in a real estate environment spanning 30 to 40 buildings.

  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the adeptness in conveying complex data insights in clear, accessible language.

  • Ability to translate data into actionable strategies and convey these to technical and non-technical stakeholders.

  • Familiar with BMS controls such as Trend, Niagara Framework, Cyclone, Schneider, and top energy analysis tools. Also, well-versed in mechanical and electrical systems, with experience in a building facilities company.

Desirable Attributes

  • Competence in extracting and interpreting data from leading energy analytics systems to optimise building energy consumption and sustainability.

  • A proactive approach to continuous learning, with the ability to quickly adapt to new systems and technologies in a dynamic smart building environment.

  • Prior experience or familiarity with machine learning and AI as applied to building management and efficiency, indicating a forward-looking understanding of smart building trends.


In return you’ll get;

  • Space and room to grow in your career.

  • Opportunity to work from home/anywhere when not on site.

  • Flexible working arrangements.

  • A salary and growth opportunities based on your experience.

  • All the tools & training required to get the job done.

  • On-going professional training.

  • Full time role.

  • An opportunity to work hard and have fun.

For more information on Clevernet see


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Clevernet are an equal opportunities employer.

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