The                     Way To Manage Your Building


Robust WiFi deployment & management is in our blood. 

We use the latest hardware and software to improve, create and manage world class WiFi networks. 


Zero capex solutions that reduces carbon & saves money. 

CLEVERNET uses the latest remote sensor technology and machine learning to create building efficiencies.

A combination of both CLEVERcloud and CLEVERenergy creates the ultimate SMARTbuilding for you.  

CLEVERNET Are Constantly Pushing The Boundaries of Software, Wireless Networking, IoT & Energy Solutions to Make Our Customer's Buildings Smarter and Improve User Experience. 

Powerful Solutions Make
                     Building Management Simple
CleverLogs - Marketing Intelligence

Direct guest WiFi users to your branded, dedicated log in page to gain critical marketing insights. CleverLogs allows you to capture key marketing data such as location analytics, demographics and marketing contact information. 

BRAINBOX AI - Building Automation

BRAINBOXAI is the world's first autonomous AI HVAC technology. It utilizes self-adapting artificial intelligence technology to proactively optimize the energy consumption of one of the largest climate change contributors: Buildings.

Kernel - The Centre of Everything

 All CLEVERNET WiFi customers have access to Kernel. 

Kernel gives you a single dashboard view on WiFi stats, WiFi health, marketing data, ticket logging, energy management and so much more. 

CleverRooms - Heating Controls

CleverRooms is perfect for hotels, conference rooms and office buildings where temperature can be controlled. CleverRooms reduces carbon by 20%, whilst saving 15% - 20% on energy bills a month. 

CleverLogger - Electricity & Gas

CleverLogger gives you real-time measurement and verification on electricity & gas data within the first 24 hours of installation. Real-time data for driven decisions on energy and carbon reductions. 



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